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Why Wool in the Summer?

Five Reasons
to wear wool in the summer

1Super Soft An 18.5-micron Merino is just as soft as your favorite well-worn, cotton T-shirt. In the textile world, we call the "feel" of the fabric, the "hand." Check out: Ibex All Day T (men's and women's). Good to note that Ibex also makes Merino base layers and tops in the staggeringly low 17.5-micron range.

2Earth FriendlyWool is a sustainable, natural and 100% biodegradable and compostable fiber. Wool will far outlast most synthetic fibers due to its unique "crimped" structure. But even when it comes time to say "goodbye" to your well-loved woolies, you can rest assured it's only natural fiber going back to the natural world.

3Odor Eliminating Let's talk lanolin. Perhaps you've heard that wool has antibacterial qualities, meaning that it manages odor far better than synthetics and other natural fibers? It's all because of lanolin. Lanolin is a natural, oily wax emitted by sheep's skin. On the sheep it serves as their personal DWR (durable water repellent) and helps to prevent skin infection. Most of the lanolin is washed from the wool during processing. However, just enough remains to prevent mildew and bacteria from building up in your summer running clothes. You in wool = you, less stinky.

4Keep Cool The Bedouins of the Middle Eastern deserts and the Tuaregs of the great North African deserts. Yes, you read that correctly. For hundreds of years, these nomadic people have chosen wool for their treks across some of the hottest lands on Earth. Wool is well-known for its superior insulation, but few people realize it works both ways. To keep the heat out and the sun off your skin, it's best to choose a looser fitting wool garment, like the Bedouin "thobe" or the Ibex Seventeen.5 Nelson (or the Seventeen.5 Boatneck for women).

5Looks Damn Good Okay, this may be a touch subjective, but a wool weave adds that certain "je ne sais quoi" to the sophistication of a silhouette. Men know this from selecting a high quality suit. Women know this from formal clothes to T-shirts. The drape of wool takes an ordinary staple item and makes it extraordinary.