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What Is Merino Wool?

Our super soft, lightweight Merino wool outperforms synthetics and cotton year-round. The temperature regulating and moisture managing properties of Merino give you superior next-to-skin comfort. Our fabrics work with your body, keeping you comfortable in all conditions.

Understanding the Micron

The smaller the micron, the finer the wool fiber. That's what makes Ibex wool ultra-soft and comfortable. Our wool fiber is carefully selected based on specific criteria we outline that are critical for comfort and performance. Our selection process begins long before these Merino fibers are knit and crafted into fabrics, providing superior performance and function.

Wool at its Finest

Diameter in microns of our wool before it's spun into yarn.


Baselayer 1

Next-to-skinOur finest Merino


Baselayer 2

Next-to-skinSoft and Strong



Second LayerStrong and Resilient


Outer Layer

On TopHearty and Flexible
For comparison:

Human Hair

(60 microns)

Benefits of Wool

Natural SPF

Wool garments offer substantially more protection from UV exposure than traditional summer fabrics, like cotton.

Temp. Control

Wool draws moisture away from the skin and evaporates moisture, regulating body temperature in all conditions.

Stay Fresh

Ibex wool products naturally include antimicrobial properties, keeping your garment odor-free.

Easy Care

Wool fights off weather and dirt and prevents stains, making Ibex easy to wash and easy to keep clean.

Ultra Soft

Because Ibex is made from very small micron diameter fibers, our garments are extremely soft and comfortable.


The craftspeople who are involved in every step of the process–from the sheep, to the spinners, to the sewers–are carefully hand-selected.


Because we use wool – a natural and renewable fiber – Ibex is good for you and good for the Earth.


Ibex wool garments resist heat. They don’t hold a flame and won’t melt like synthetic fabrics and fibers.