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Ibex Social Responsibility

Our Manifesto

We challenge each other to make responsible decisions because we care about…

Our Community:

We develop and nurture relationships founded on trust, respect, and transparency.

We believe this is important because we all live, work, and get outside together. Ibex is more than just those who work in the office; we are the farmers who source our natural fibers, the mills who spin it into yarn and knit our fabric, the manufacturers who sew our clothing, and you – our customer. We take care of each other because it’s always nice to have someone looking out.

Our Closets:

We source and build products with integrity and intention.

Ibex has always been about more than just the finished product. We were founded on the fact that a product’s journey is just as important as the path we take in our own lives. In this thread, material sourcing and production is done with thoughtful consideration. We partner with suppliers and companies that adhere to our strict standards, ensuring that our materials are sourced sustainably, humanely, and environmentally responsibly.

Our Playground:

We are active stewards in conserving our environment and protecting wild places.

Mother Nature not only provides us with the resources to build our clothing, but also with vast areas to explore. We love to be outside – we need the outdoors in our lives. Whether it’s for a mountain bike ride, canoe trip, walking the dog, a day at the beach, or sitting on a park bench with a good cup of coffee and even better company. We at Ibex do not take this for granted. We want future generations to enjoy the opportunities we have, and so we’re constantly working on reducing consumption and helping conserve the natural places in which we live and play.


We are the Social Responsibility team at Ibex. We call ourselves CloseKnit.

When it comes down to it, we want to sleep at night feeling good about what we do and the impacts we make. We strive to exceed simply what’s required.

Because there are a lot of moving pieces within the Ibex business, we formed a group of employee volunteers who serve as ambassadors of our values, making sure that integrity and intention remain at the core of all that we do as a company.

Close Knit Team
Pictured left to right: Caitlin Quinn (Returns & Warranty Manager), Chelsea Pawlek (Supply Chain Manager), Michael Logan (Dealer Services), Keith Anderson (VP of Marketing), Regan Betts (Director of Brand), Lori Charlonne (Graphic Designer), Misti Martin Berry (Sr. Product Manager), Jake Quigley (Dealer Services), Dogs, left to right: Vaida, Rusty, Wiley

Ibex Impact Fund

Ibex recognizes that its people—employees and customers—pursue adventures outside, often alongside our four-legged adventure-seeking friends. And when we aren’t able to get out there, we want to help others down their own trails and even work together to maintain those trails for future use.

We’ve developed an advocacy program called the Ibex Impact Fund in order to partner with non-profit organizations with similar values. We select organizations based on a set of parameters to receive monetary and product donations.

Learn about the Ibex Impact Fund