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Our Company

Ibex Outdoor Clothing is a wool clothing company. We’re a natural fiber company. A thoughtful design company. An excellence-in-product-development company. We’re a hiking-before-dawn company. A dogs-in-the-workplace company. A bike-to-work company. We’re also a community-supported-agriculture company, a cross-country-ski marathon company, a coffee-in-front-of-the-woodstove company.

As a company, we are the clothes we make: Ibex Outdoor Clothing is durable, evolving, active and modern. Our repurposed Vermont headquarters used to be a car dealership. The showroom now showcases the recent works of our creative outdoor attire. Since our founding, we’ve pushed the boundaries of wool construction, built relationships with like-minded craftspeople, sheep farmers and clothing manufacturers, and established a relationship with our customers that goes beyond the standard we make, you buy model of indelicate consumption.

With every new bit of Ibex Clothing, we tie together more of our history as adventurers, our innovation as clothiers and our progressive push into a better type of clothing. It’s something you can feel in each of our products. It is the art of wool.

Fiber For Fabric

Coffee beans. Wine grapes. Raw wool fiber. Each require constant attention and a culture of expertise from the growth of raw material to the smallest detail finishing the product. Wool, like coffee or grapes, is grown, not manufactured, not imitated, not synthesized. The natural, sustainable origins of wool prompt the same questions as those posed to a vintner or a brewmaster. Where is this from? Where has this been? What was the process?

When you pull on our Woolies base layers, or zip up a Shak jacket, the first taste of merino wool will stick with you. Consider the smooth finish of our baselayer fabrics, the earthy origins of our raw wool materials and the full-bodied feel of our warmest jackets. Our fibers are carefully considered so our clothing performance is natural, durable and versatile. Learning the balance of wool, fabric, and clothing design is an artful process, but like a wine taster, you’ll know what you like about each encounter with Ibex Outdoor Clothing, you’ll feel the craft in our products.The more well-wrought wool one encounters, the more a palate for nature’s most sustainable fabric grows. It’s what keeps Ibex customers loyally returning year-after-year.